Our vision

FVLT seeks to bring out all the artists of the invisible, whether they are high school students or retired, who have never known how, have never had the opportunity, or would like to enrich their amateur / professional experience by putting their know-how in an artistic and/or cultural project. It is the role of the association to promote access to as many people as possible, openness to the world and different initiatives, to reinvent the way of “creating together”.

Our 5 main objectives

1/Allow invisible talents of all ages and all qualifications to put their skills and passions at the service of artistic & cultural projects

2/Develop their network (in France but also abroad) through events organized by the association

3/Participate in masterclasses/internships/workshops… to learn, improve or simply to live a unique adventure

4/Help talents in their artistic & cultural projects

5/Bringing together amateurs & professionals in the creation of a festival